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Materials for Product Development, Design and Architecture

Today, products have to fulfil increasing demands in terms of functional complexity, ease of use, appealing appearance and tactile qualities, brand image communicated, etc. All these criteria are directly linked to the design question.

Design and the materials used are nowadays decisive for the image of a product in comparison to competing products: reason enough for Messe Frankfurt to instigate Material Vision, an event that combines both aspects and brings together manufacturers and developers of innovative materials with product developers, industrial designers and architects.

Modern product design is of decisive economic significance. Industrial designers in all sectors, e.g., in the automobile, sanitation, heating, air-conditioning and consumer-goods industries, as well as many other branches of industry, pay particular attention to technical aspects of product development, especially the materials to be used.

In architecture, intelligently used materials are not only to be found as striking elements for façade design but also contribute to weight and, therefore, cost savings within the building, as well as to an ecological room climate and energy savings.

The materials industry cultivates contacts to designers and architects as consumer opinion leaders and intermediaries, to open up new areas of application for their materials developments.

In cooperation with the German Design Council, Messe Frankfurt has reacted to these trends and launched Material Vision, which will be held for the fifth time from 24 to 26 May, 2011.