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AVK Civil Engineering Conference


Fibre-reinforced plastics are modern materials that, depending on the requirements, are suitable for use in new applications or as substitutes for existing materials in specific areas of application. Today, these extraordinary materials are to be found in many different spheres – apart from being used in the transport, leisure and aviation sectors, they are widespread in the field of civil engineering.

To provide information about the potential and opportunities offered by fibre-reinforced plastics and to promote the exchange of information about this special area of application, the Reinforced Plastics Working Group (AVK) is holding its 2nd conference on “Fibre-reinforced plastics in the building sector”. The conference is aimed at raw-materials manufacturers, processing companies from the various application industries, municipal representatives, designers and product developers, as well as at representatives of universities and institutes specialising in fibre-reinforced plastics in civil engineering.

The conference will be held in the ‘Messeturn’ skyscraper in Frankfurt am Main on 9 November 2011.

This year’s Event Partner is Material Vision.

You will find further programme details and a registration form here.